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KJD-IMC Categories

This was originally posted in 2006 to help clarify the tags I was using on my posts to  Apparently ‘kjd-imc’ became known as a place for cool-but-scary ideas, so people would sometimes avoid these posts even when they were relatively simple and straightforward topics.  I’ve since carried the use of those categories to this […]


I originally got the idea for my karma rules from David Harper’s Kismet rules. They are not available online, unfortunately. I have adapted them for use with d20 rules. Karma is a point-based measure of accumulated luck, divine favor, and other such concepts. Karma points are also sometimes referred to as ‘save-my-ass points’, reflecting their […]

Class Framework – Advanced Classes

Advanced classes provide some additional ability, sometimes at the cost of constraining character options. Each class has prerequisites such that a character has to work toward becoming a member of the class. To become a Wizard you must have some spell casting ability, a cleric must be able to channel divine power, a soldier can […]

Class Framework – Basic Classes

Basic classes are very flexible, but not particularly powerful when compared to Advanced Classes and Prestige Classes. They may be considered as something of an apprenticeship and preparation for later, more constrained ‘careers’. Some sample basic classes are described below. I give them somewhat descriptive names to help identify them, but in practice they don’t […]

Class Framework

Over the years I’ve looked at how character classes are designed. It seems that most of the common class abilities could be reasonably modeled as feats. Using just the Revised System Resource Document, the classes tend to be fairly cohesive and have clearly-defined class abilities — and stepping on the special abilities of other classes […]

Enchanted Arms and Armor

I treat enchanted arms and armor slightly differently from core rules. This affects not only the enchanted items, but a few other rules as well.

Frenzy and Rage

With great anger comes great resp… well, smashing of stuff, really.  Here are three ways that immense fury can be modeled.

Cleric Domains

The cleric domains, as posted in the System Reference Document, do not quite suit my campaign.  I’m adjusting them to better fit my prejudices and campaign requirements.

Campaign Cosmology

How the world came into being and its place in the multiverse.

Base Save and Attack Bonus

Base Attack Bonus and base save bonuses work much better in D&D 3.x than they have in previous editions. However, I think there is room for improvement.