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ACK or Die! Session 8, Not Exactly Planned

Hi Pop, We were raiding a mine captured by orcs last time I wrote.   Things went well overall, for us. The guys searched the room we just killed some orcs in, while Goraj and I waited out in the hall.  Good thing we did, we saw a troop of orcs coming toward us in patrol.  […]

ACK or Die! Session 7, Orcs and Crossbows

Hi Pop, Not much to say today and I’m in a bit of a hurry, we’re in a mine with some orcs. We left the village and took a ferry… ten gold a head to cross the water, and the same for the horses!  Ah well, we were still ahead on the game, so I’m […]

ACK or Die! Session 6, Suspicion and Exploration

Hi Pop, Vesper figured that the stories we’d been told about the village problems might not be true.  The dragon ate the girls I told you about, so how could they be the ghouls bothering the village?  He also thinks the crypt we were exploring was there for a long time before the dragon came […]

ACK or Die! Session 5, Ghastly Stuff and Going Deeper

Hey Pop, Last I told you, we were back in the village.  Well, we went back to the catacomb place and searched around some more.  Found a room with some crystal statues, and you were right again — mess with things like that, they’ll come alive and try to kill you.  We smashed ’em up […]

ACK or Die! Session 4, Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

Hey Pop, I can’t talk long, we’re in the middle of something here. After we got back from purging the goblin hall we hung around Brighton for a little while we rested up.  Goraj held that big festival he was planning with all the fighting, I did a bit of shopping — got myself a […]

ACK or Die! Session 3, Purging the Goblin Hall

Hey Pop, how’s it going? Good, I’m glad your leg’s doing better. I’m doing fine, thanks, but it was touch and go a couple times. Y’know how I hooked up with that group and we cleaned out Paco’s salt mine?  Well, after that Father Oran asked us to look into a problem he was having […]

ACK or Die!

For the last three weeks I’ve been part of a group playing in a campaign using the Adventurer Conqueror King System, being run by Erik Tenkar, in a Google Hangout and using Tabletop Forge. This is proving to be a lot of fun.  The group is formed of several other RPG bloggers (Charles Jaimet, Greg […]