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Unchained Skill Unlocks for Echelon

I don’t often post much Echelon-related material here any more (mostly it’s at, but this particular post fits the skill model I had in mind before I moved over there. Also, it gives me a ‘U Day’ post for this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge. I am not proud. I’ve only recently gotten around to reading Pathfinder® […]

Musing on Spell-Like Abilities in Echelon

In almost all editions of D&D many creatures have abilities defined in terms of spells, such as the succubus’ suggestion. These are like spells (subject to spell resistance, etc.) but not exactly (each may be limited to a certain number of uses per day, and they don’t share all the casting requirements of normal spells). ‘Spell-like […]

Very Rules-Light RPG

Matt Jackson (of lapsus calumni) asked on Google+ about the minimum required character traits for a light-weight RPG. Light enough that it doesn’t have classes. Taking some of the ideas there, I think the following might be workable. First, reduce things to their very basics and abstract them. What do the characters actually do during […]

Pathfinder Big Books

Pathfinder made quite a few changes to Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, some subtle and some not so subtle. I like quite a few of the presentation changes, and some of the character development changes excited me. Barbarian rage powers, paladin mercies, sorcerer bloodlines, all these choices excited me. Over time, though, with the Ultimate series […]

Pathfinder Rage Power Graph

I have been working on some Rage talents for Echelon and decided the Iron Heroes berserker abilities were a little too thin for my purposes. Thankfully I remembered the Barbarian Rage Powers collected at and decided to raid them.  There were rather more than I expected, drawn from the Pathfinder Core Rule Book, Advanced Player […]

NaGaDeMon 2012, Status Check November 19

In case you’re wondering about the dearth of posts here this month, I’ve mostly been working on Echelon for the last few weeks for National Game Development Month. Status 2012/11/19 Given that I am starting from the Revised System Reference Document, the following game elements will be considered.  I might apply them roughly as-is, change them, […]

What is the Bare Minimum?

A question for RPG designers (pro and amateur, whatever): What is the bare minimum core rule set required to get a game off the ground? Assumptions: Characters are already created (half a dozen pregen). Character-specific rules are attached to the character sheet and don’t need to be repeated, spells and feats and skills and stuff […]

Echelon d20 Forum

I’ve been having conversations with a couple of Echelon d20 site members, held in the posts and pages they’re working on.  It seems kind of strange to be chatting back and forth in comments embedded in the post content.  I’ve set up a forum to hold discussions on design and hopefully elicit suggestions from other […]

Learning From Experience

I recently posted a description in a comment to a blog post of how I handle experience and level gains that I thought I should include on my own site.  In considering how to write it, I realized it might be worth exploring a few other models of character development and learning as well. Some […]

Echelon Moving

Now that GreyKnight’s working on Echelon as a contributor, I figured I’d post new Echelon-related materials to instead of here.  I may or may not migrate the existing articles from here to there (probably not), but new material here will likely be more focused on what happens in my campaign rather than the new […]