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T-Bag Swings Into Action!

Last fall I was running some players through my Node-Based Megadungeon. We only made it through three sessions before real life caught up to us, but the last session was memorable. Jason Paul McCartan really brought this character to life, and he recently did something nice for me, so I thought it only fitting that […]

Path Extensions: Transitions in Node-Based Design

The Tuesday’s Reader Tips email from Johnn Four contained a tip that expands on the work I did for the Node-Based Megadungeon. I’m going to take the liberty of copying Lionel di Giacomo’s suggestion (and image, in case it goes away). I love dungeon flowcharts like Keith’s, but have found transitions between “rooms” can be […]

Megadungeon Contest?

I am pleased with the work I have done on my node-based megadungeon. I intended to outline the megadungeon, and an outline I do have. However, Gus’ post yesterday got me to thinking — it would be nice if the megadungeon was actually finished and playable. I estimated it would take me some 300-350 hours or so […]

Gus’ Megadungeon Thoughts

Gus wrote a thought-provoking article about the node-based megadungeon I developed a few months ago. I agree entirely with his post. As an adventure, the node-based megadungeon I presented is woefully incomplete. At the least it should include the elements he describes (maps, monster tables, etc.). What it really needs, I think, is to have […]

Megadungeoncrawl: Session 1, I Swear this was not Planned

Tonight we had our first session of a dungeon crawl exploring the node-based megadungeon. This is going to be a little rambly and less polished than usual. I want to get it down before I go to sleep. I didn’t get all the character names, but the players tonight included Courtney Campbell, Erik Tenkar, and […]

Node-Based Megadungeon: Information Paths

In developing the megadungeon, most of the graphs concentrated on the physical relationships between the nodes.  In the introductory post I  mentioned that those weren’t the only relationships possible and presented a sample of what it might look like if the information relationships were shown. Now that I’ve finished outlining the megadungeon I thought it […]

Exploring the Megadungeon

After the work I did on the node-based megadungeon, I think I’d like to take it for a test drive. I’ve wanted to try Blood & Treasure since I got my hands on it, so I think for the first pass at least that’s what we’ll do. I aim to start a weekly session, Wednesday […]

Node-Based Megadungeon: All Regions Outlined

It took me a couple days past the end of my weekend to finish this iteration through the megadungeon. This thing? It’s big. In total there are 107 nodes in this dungeon.  Many would be mapped as single rooms, most could easily be 3-5 rooms.  Many could be even more — the three ‘caves’ nodes in […]

Node-Based Megadungeon: Shalthazard the Pale

Shalthazard the Pale Campaign Role Broad-reaching mastermind with claws in many schemes. Theme Spectral wyrm so consumed by lust for knowledge and manipulation he did not notice his own death. Threat A powerful ghostly dragon with influence over political, financial, and military power over most of the land. Reward A powerful ghostly dragon with influence […]

Node-Based Megadungeon: Pit of the Misshapen

Pit of the Misshapen Campaign or Scenario Role Dumping ground, a miscellany of creatures and objects.  Almost anything can be found here, potentially, but it’s probably not in very good condition. Theme Civilization of broken creatures. Threat Very defensive and insular, will view interlopers with suspicion at best (and as food at worst). Allied, after […]