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Covenant of First Scholar Herol

In ages past, the First Scholar Herol discovered how to make markings on animal skins that knowledge will not be lost. This brought him to the attention of Strolen, small god — or rather, sysadmin of Strolen’s Citadel, close enough :) — interested in oddities of the world. In one of his last acts in […]

Defining Covenants

I’m still working my way around the edges of this, but I think it’s starting to come together. A covenant is an agreement between two entities. The structure is fairly standardized, and while there may be some common exchanges, notionally each is a unique construct. Each Covenant consists at least two terms, and usually three […]

Seekers of Lore: Lexicon

Now that the Microscope session is complete, time to move into the Lexicon phase. This should be much simpler, really. The Seekers of Lore Obsidian Portal site there is a wiki. The front page of the wiki has a link to instructions on using the wiki, how to create pages, and edit them. Obsidian Portal […]

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods

Yesterday we ran the Microscope session for the Seekers of Lore campaign. All in all I’m very pleased with how things turned out, and I think we’ve got some very good material to use for the Lexicon session to follow. A few of us would have liked to have continued, but most of us had […]

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 4

Andrew was Lens for our last turn, and looks into the knowledge and wisdom of the world. Age of Gods, Round 4 Lens: Andrew Focus: The World Thinks and Speaks Eras Defined Period: By the Grace of the Gods Period: Sifting of the Plane [dark] [Andrew] The gods decided how matter and energy interacted, and what […]

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 2

David decided to investigate something a little deeper. Age of the Gods, Round 2 Lens: David Focus: The interaction between the gods and mortal races. Eras Defined Period: By the Grace of the Gods Period: Rise of the Tribes [light] Event: Ssthar Betrayal [dark] Event: Death of Orospeal [light] Event: Blood of Orospeal [dark] [Keith] The […]

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 1

Being my setting, I was Lens for the first round. Age of Gods, Round 1 Lens: Keith Focus: The First Civilization Eras Defined Period: By the Grace of the Gods Period: Rise of the Tribes [light] [Keith, after By the Grace of the Gods] The Kreshtar nomads (horse-riding nomadic savages) start to band together in the […]

Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 0

Yesterday we ran a Microscope session to build the baseline for the Seekers of Lore campaign setting. In Round 0 we laid the groundwork for what was to follow. Age of Gods, Round 0 We kept everything to the Age of Gods, when the gods were still building and directly manipulating the Prime Plane. Civilization […]

Seekers of Lore Preparation: Lexicon and Microscope

Back in April I floated the idea of combining Lexicon and Microscope in an exercise to develop a campaign setting. I realized not too long ago that this could be a very useful activity for creating a baseline setting for my Seekers of Lore campaign. I see it working something like this. Frame the campaign […]

Touched by the Gods

… a little rambly, I’m trying to get this down before I forget. I realized the other day that I was overthinking things with regard to discovering and restoring the gods in Seekers of Lore. My initial expectation was that clerics were cultists, followers of specific gods, since that’s how I’ve run them for a […]