Yay! OSR Stuff from Lulu

NOD 1 Cover

NOD 1 Cover

Lulu loves me!

… or at least is willing to make out with my credit card from time to time.

I just got a package in the mail today containing:

… I could have sworn I also ordered Adventures on Gothic Earth hardcover, but I don’t see it in my order history.  I’ll probably include it in my next NOD order.

I’ve also got Blood & Treasure – Treasure Keeper’s Tome coming.  It’s already shipped.

So I guess I’d better get reading.  I’ll be in my bunk.

Yay! I’ve got Blood & Treasure!

Blood & Treasure cover

Blood & Treasure

My son checked the mail yesterday and brought me a small package from a little place called Lulu.

My copy of John Stater’s Blood &Treasure was here!

I read pretty much all of the character section, and skimmed the rest (spell descriptions no longer interest me the way they used to…) last night, and will be putting a review up after I’ve had a chance to read the rest in more detail.

My first impressions though?

Hardcover.  Shiny finish.  Lulu does not skimp on glue, when archeologists dig up my library they might find only a handful of rust screws that held my shelves together and the glue strip Lulu used in binding this book.  I don’t think this will ever lose pages unless I cut them out with a knife.

I am pleased by this.

Physically it is a nice-constructed book.  Review of content to follow later.

It Must Be Mined!

Well, what else would be the past tense of “it must be mine!”?

Called up the FLGS today to see if they would be able to get a copy of Tome of Adventure Design from Frog God Games, when it was available (since it’s still shown as pre-order at FGG).  The conversation went something like:

“Can you order… okay, hang on.  Is Frog God Games on your vendor list?  They did the Tome of Horrors, the really big one for Pathfinder.”

“Yes, but we just sold our last one.”

“That’s okay, I’m actually looking for Tome of Adventure Design when it com…”

“I’ve got it right here, I’m thinking about buying it myself.”

“No way.  The web site shows it as still ‘pre-order’.”

“Way.  It’s in my hand.”

“Red cover, gold letters, are we talking about the same thing?”

“Yep.  It was on the pick list, I didn’t know what it was so decided to take a look.”

“Can you hold it for me?  I can be there in an hour.”

“Sure.  I’ll just order another one for myself.”

I like this store.  Into the van, over the Malahat, and there it was.

Since I was there anyway, took a look for other things that might interest me.  Ended up with

  • Ultimate Toolbox from Alderac Entertainment Group
  • Swords & Wizardry core rules
  • The Chronicles of Remlar core rule book… which I am utterly unfamiliar with, but a quick browse through it suggested I want to learn more.  This is supported by the web search I just did, the reviews suggest it’s something I’ll want to look at more.  [oh good, since I already bought it!]  Does anyone know anything about this?

And since I was passing by my other FLGS on the way home, I dropped in and checked my pull box.

  • Smallworld Tunnels expansion (promo, so free!).  Not very profound, just provides tokens to make it easier to use Smallworld and Smallworld Underground at the same time.
  • PS238: Saving Alternate Omaha.  I’ve been reading PS238 since it hit the trades (I stopped buying individual comic books decades ago), so a new book from Aaron Williams is always appreciated.

Not bad for an otherwise slow weekend.

Yay, Loot! Ultimate HERO System Bundle

Just got my latest Loot! shipment.  The “Ultimate Hero System Bundle“, consisting of the following books (descriptions from the Loot! page):

#1 The Ultimate Base: Whether it’s a castle, a gadget-filled secret headquarters, a starbase in deep space, or something even more unusual, a Base provides both resources for the Player Characters and adventure ideas for the GM. The Ultimate Base is your guide to creating any sort of Base using the HERO System rules, whether it’s a two-room apartment or an entire world.

#2 The Ultimate Brick: Strength! While it focuses on the powers and abilities of “brick” superheroes so common to Champions, like Hero’s other Ultimate books The Ultimate Brick has rules, information, and other useful material for any genre of gaming. If you want to know how strong your Fantasy Hero character has to be to lift an ox, how your superhero can squeeze coal into diamonds, or how an immensely strong alien can use his muscles in Star Hero adventures, this is the book for you.

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