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The Post to End It

On Christmas, GreyKnight sent me a blog post generator that does a decent job capturing this blog. Keith Davies Blog Post Generator Subject matter (d8): d8 Subject 1 Revisit old post and completely change everything. 2 Geomorphs. 3 Random tables (see Appendix A for the Random Random Table Table). 4 Echelon. 5 Research/reference material for Echelon. 6 […]

Hopefully That’s Fixed Now

I recently rehosted all my sites (KJD-IMC, Echelond20,, plus a couple more that aren’t yet public) and was mostly happy… except that I’ve had a few incidents where the new virtual host has locked up. I think I tracked it down to my Apache configuration, the httpd daemon was consuming an aggregate total of… […]

Rehosting Sites

I’ve put it off long enough, today I rehosted all my sites. Please feel free to poke around and see if anything fails to work. I’m hoping it’s all cool, but if you find any problems send me a message via the contact form or on Google+, thanks. (Edit: well, looks like adding a new […]

Upcoming Articles

The last couple weeks have been remarkably busy for me. This week’s Links of the Week has been delayed and aim to put it up Wednesday morning. Some of the other things I am working on: Devising Fantastic Creations, outlining how I create items such as Beobachten, Palavirea, and Kaiho-sha. Fantastic Creations: Using Heraldry, describing […]

Got it Almost Right…

Thanks Nik, for pointing out that everything to do with comments were removed from blog posts. Fixed. If you were trying to provide links to posts relating to the current RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations, you now should be able to.

Don’t Mind the Dust…

I decided to take some advice and tweaked the site a little.  Reduced the sidebar, widened the body text to use the freed space, dropped some widgets, and changed the post headers to a format I think makes them easier to read. I think I got it right.  If you find anything goofy, drop me […]

Echelon d20 Forum

I’ve been having conversations with a couple of Echelon d20 site members, held in the posts and pages they’re working on.  It seems kind of strange to be chatting back and forth in comments embedded in the post content.  I’ve set up a forum to hold discussions on design and hopefully elicit suggestions from other […]

Introducing the Hall of Fame

I’ve gotten more serious in my blogging and have been posting my Links of the Week for about five months now, and I’ve noticed a few things. The same blogs show up repeatedly with a series of related articles (such as JB’s current Land of Ice series, or Niccodaemus’ series on the gods, or satyre’s […]