Midpoint Check-In 2018

As usual during the A-Z Blog Challenge, here is my midpoint check-in.

I’ve been late a couple of times, usually as the weekend approaches. I kind of expect that, partly because I get tired toward the end of the work week and partly because I have to be up at stupid o’clock to go the city for work by silly o’clock on Fridays (and Tuesdays, but I can usually buffer one or two posts over the weekend… not this time), and partly because Fridays are often Game Night in the city and I get home late.

No matter, I’m having a good time, and if I’m a little late on occasion I’m okay with that.

Total 8,375
Date Letter Words Title
2018-04-15 M* 253 Midpoint Check-In 2018
2018-04-15 L* 746 Links Between Adventure Nodes
2018-04-12 K 416 Keeping it Real… Or Not
2018-04-11 J 1,016 Jade Daggers and Copper Serpents
2018-04-10 I 1,242 Inventing a New Type of Random Table
2018-04-09 H 1,008 Horrible Place to Live
2018-04-08 G* 695 Generating New Adventure Nodes
2018-04-06 F 702 Find… Filching… Finching? Getting Better Tools
2018-04-05 E 295 Expectations and Assumptions
2018-04-04 D 497 Drawing Board, I am Returning to It
2018-04-03 C 525 Challenge and Response
C 640 Creating Adventure Nodes
2018-04-02 B 330 Basic Adventure Structure
2018-04-01 A 210 Adventure Design, From the Top

* These posts are at least one day late.

Well, this is a bit of surprise. I usually have at least half again, sometimes twice as many words at this point in the Challenge. No matter, I like what I’m writing and I’m told I’m a long-winded kind of person sometimes.

… so I suppose I’ll stop here.

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