Quick Update on Polyhedral Pantheons

A-Z 2015 "Q"The April A-Z Blog Challenge is proving to be a great way to encourage me to work on Polyhedral Pantheons. I have completed drafts of all deities of the Goblin Pantheon and the Elemental Tetratheon. The Halfling Pantheon is hardly started, but I should be able to get back to that one soon.

Reviewing against the book outline I wrote:

  • Introduction drafted
  • Process (Crunch-Oriented) drafted, retitled ‘Creating the Pantheon’
    • Glossary (point, face, edge, node) drafted, likely to move
    • Choosing Polyhedron added, one paragraph per polyhedron
    • Domain Allocation random table
      • Subdomains included in domain table for reference, but not rolled
      • Hybrid Domains out of scope
      • Exalted Domains out of scope
  • World Building added, explains briefly how to expand on base material in stages from low-detail to increasingly higher detail
    • First Pass: Simple Description Round out summary information (chosen weapon if not yet known, symbol)
    • Second Pass: Setting Information Provide basic setting information: theme, shrines and holy grounds, prayers, followers, manifestations
    • Third Pass: Fine Details Expands on information previously created. To be rewritten
  • Fleshing Things Out (Fluff-Oriented) Replaced by Worldbuilding
    • Portfolios
    • Portfolio vs. Domain
    • Alternate Channeling
    • Adapting Paladin Codes
    • Religious Dress
  • Polyhedral Examination Reduced to section in ‘Creating the Pantheon’. Might expand on in appendix, haven’t decided.
    • d12, d20 Dual
    • d6, d8 Dual
    • d4
    • d10, 2d10
    • Alternate d8 (d10-style)
  • Sample Pantheons in progress; will take only to second pass
  • Appendices List of appendices to be revised, might be reduced to ‘helpful references’ page
    • Worksheets May or may not include, already available as free/PWYW product
    • Domain Lists (with sources) Likely to be dropped; domain table in first chapter, subdomains are manually selected to fit, not planning to delve into hybrid domains or exalted domains
      • Domains
      • Subdomains
      • Hybrid Domains
      • Exalted Domains
Polyhedral Pantheons Cover
Polyhedral Pantheons Cover

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