NaGaDeMon Plans

So, National Game Development Month.

I’m not a purist.  I won’t be starting from scratch.

I do, however, aim to have Echelon playable by the end of November.  Quite probably in dire need of polishing, but at the least, a set of rules that can be printed out, a set of talents built (which might be only ‘B/X’ tiers, with some going higher), and some characters and monsters (which really should be much the same thing.

I have about two weeks’ vacation left for this year that I’m supposed to use.  It looks like I may even get one of them as early as next week.  The next is tentatively scheduled for the first week of December, then I’ve got Christmas week off after that.

Not ideal for NaGaDeMon purposes, but if I can get ‘playable’ in November, then spend a couple weeks in December actually playing and polishing (and let’s not forget the megadungeoncrawl, that might be a good place to exercise this beast)…

Yes, I am excited.  Let’s see how it turns out.

Mini-Carnival: Horror Holiday

Eric Quigley has some monster art he wasn’t doing anything with and decided to make free for use, with credit.

Use-able Scary Monster Art!

Hey guys, it’s getting close to Halloween and I would like to offer up some monster art if anyone were looking to do anything with it (stat that?).  This is all stuff that I did when I was building my portfolio a year or so ago and was working on a horror project that never went anywhere, and that no one owns the copyright to (other than me).

If you do use this stuff all I ask is that you somewhere put that I  did it.  There are three pieces here, each one is a horror monster.

Three monsters, it’s three days before Halloween.  What say a short carnival?

Pick one or more of the monsters presented, give it stats for whatever system you prefer, and/or build an encounter or a bit of fiction around it.

If the link doesn’t stand out above, Eric’s website is found at

And Eric’s deviantArt page.  He did tell me “there is a fair bit there from a… younger artist”.  I assume by this he means not as accomplished, but I don’t see anything here to be dissatisfied by.

Known Participants

Reconsidering Hex Crawls

It may seem odd that I say “reconsidering hex crawls”, given that I’ve never really discussed them here, but that’s what I’m doing.

As with megadungeons, hex crawls are something that never really appealed to me.  The ones I’ve seen are generally presented as list of hexes and the things in them.  However, because there are so many hexes to populate the contents tend to be very, very brief, and honestly get monotonous after a while because of it.

Remember the rats and 2000 copper pieces thing recently?  The primary fault it had was in presenting little more than a roll on a random monster table, along with random treasure. This is roughly what I have come to expect from hex craw descriptions.

Doing Hex Crawls Poorly

Carcosa is one of the first hex crawls I’ve examined in any real detail.  I wish I hadn’t, there are few hexes with anything actually interesting in them.  There are a few, there are some!  But they tend to be buried among all the other random tribes of random colors that want to kill something.  If you’re lucky it’s something particular, if you’re not it’s anything convenient.  The places I noticed that had a little more specific items tended to be tied to sorcerous rituals.

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Megadungeoncrawl: Session 1, I Swear this was not Planned

Tonight we had our first session of a dungeon crawl exploring the node-based megadungeon.

This is going to be a little rambly and less polished than usual. I want to get it down before I go to sleep.

I didn’t get all the character names, but the players tonight included Courtney Campbell, Erik Tenkar, and Michael Garcia, playing respectively as a fighter, a thief, and a cleric of Eris, the mad goddess.  Thanks for coming out guys, it was good to see you all.

Remember when I said I thought I could wing it, with the material I had at hand?  Well, I think I’d have been somewhat more comfortable if I had done a little more preparation ahead of time… but all in all I think things went well considering I was drawing the map as I went.  I’ll certainly be able to prepare something more for next time.

So, with the understanding that I was winging it, below is a summary of the session. Some details will be changed because I goofed, but nothing horribly substantive.

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