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Letters from the Flaming Crab Kickstarter

Alex Abel — the Flaming Crab himself — is Kickstarting the 2017 Letters from the Flaming Crab series. These are small (15-20 page), flavorful supplements that explore topics often overlooked in many roleplaying games, topics that help round out a setting and make it more than a murderhobo arena. Topics from 2016 include: Winged Cavalry Welcome to our first issue: […]

Lusus Naturae is Live in PDF

Lasus Naturae is now available in PDF at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. In fact, it comes in three forms: hyperlinked PDF, “art only” PDF so you can show your players (“print them at work, it might make more time for gaming!”, says Bad Advice Guy), and a “text only” PDF for ebook readers and tablets and whatnot. All text […]

Early Peek: No Salvation for Witches

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Rafael Chandler’s work, what with my posts about the Teratic Tome and Lasus Naturae (which I’m really looking forward to getting, Rafael tells me it’s on target for release on schedule). I was recently sent a preliminary copy of No Salvation for Witches, a 64-page adventure (A5 format, roughly […]

Horrific Monster Book: Lusus Naturae

Emphasis on the wrong word there. Lusus Naturae — Freaks of Nature — is a book of horrific monsters. However, being ‘H’ day, something had to give. I’ve been a fan of Rafael Chandler’s RPG work for a while now. I’ve reviewed his Teratic Tome, I’ve posted about what I learned from it, and I’ve delved a bit […]

Happy Mythos Dance!

After the rotten news about The Doom that Came to Atlantic City late last week (namely that it was not going to happen, and that the project owner was going to work really hard to get us refunded), a lot of people were pretty sad, angry, and otherwise not happy. Cryptozoic Entertainment just did something that will make […]

Kickstarter… Considered Harmful?

Justin Halliday, over on google+, posted a link to an opinion piece by Ross Winn asking “Is Kickstarter bad for RPGs?” First, I’m going to answer “No”.  I think Kickstarter is great for RPGs. Looking over the stated reasons why, let me respond to key elements of each. My first point is that retail distribution […]

Kickstarter: Modest Medusa Coloring Book!

I cannot convey how utterly disappointed I am that I don’t know anyone right now with kids the right age for this. A small, short Kickstarter campaign — started November 5, closes November 10, already 1,100/600 funded. Yes.  That small.  The rewards are similarly small, $4 for a digital copy, $7 for a print copy ($12 […]

Kickstarter Status Report, November 4, 2012

Erik Tenkar‘s updated his Kickstarter status report.  My backing list overlaps him to some degree, but we each have things the other didn’t back.  I thought I’d offer some of my own observations for projects I’ve backed that I don’t see that he has (we both backed Tabletop Forge and Adventurer Conqueror King Player’s Companion). […]

October Kickstarters

It occurred to me today that with Links of the Week on hiatus I haven’t been posting much about Kickstarter projects that interest me. I decided to do a bit of catching up today. PURGE: Sins of Science- The 1st Real Time Strategy Card Game The Keep System for Game Storage and Travel Game Grids […]

Kickstarter: Monster Stock Art & Minis II

Monster Stock Art & Minis II I didn’t take advantage of Inkwell Ideas’ first Monster Stock Art & Minis Kickstarter, and I regret that sometimes. I like this project even better because it includes line art options for all monsters present.  I have come to conclude that I actually tend to appreciate line art resources […]