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Converting RSRD Abilities to Echelon Talents

Converting RSRD abilities to Echelon talents is usually pretty straightforward. Many abilities in D&D 3.x are built up of smaller abilities, usually along a path of some sort. Feat paths are pretty obvious (weapon focus and weapon specialization are an example, as is the Mobility feat path leading to Whirlwind Attack, though that’s a short […]

Incorporating Iron Heroes, Part 1

In 2005 Malhavoc Press published Iron Heroes, written by Mike Mearls as a variant Player’s Handbook. This supplement and setting focused on martial characters, with only minor support for spellcasters and other arcanists. A great deal of work went into making for more cinematic combat in D&D, where low-level combatants got to do some cool […]

Weapons Guidelines, Part 1

I remember posting a bit about this to rec.games.frp.dnd, but don’t remember if I included the bits about weapon reach.  This article is a first cut of recapturing that post, with some additional  information.  The rules are generally complete, but some of the weapon modeling needs some adjustment. The model is not a perfect match […]

Expanded Ranger Combat Styles

While reviewing Thieves’ World: Player’s Manual from Green Ronin, I found an expanded list of combat styles for rangers. I posted it to rec.games.frp.dnd, where people proposed additional ranger styles. This article collects them. ‘Ranged’ and ‘Two-Weapon’ styles below are as per RSRD, but the others are new. Unless otherwise indicated, the normal rules for […]

Armor Fortification Feats

Lots of feats are available to improve how you use your weapons, including increasing the chance of landing a critical hit. Until I presented Armor Focus Feats) there weren’t many ways to improve how well you use your armor. Here I present some more feats that allow you to make better use of your armor […]

Subtle Spell Casting

In all the time I’ve played 3e, I’ve seen numerous metamagic feats used that increase the effect of the spells they are applied to. Empower, Widen, Extend, Quicken, Heighten (though IMC all casters get this one free)… but I’ve never seen Silent Spell or Still Spell used. This suggests to me that these two feats […]

Bound Magic Items

Item creation in 3e is very abstract. Take a masterwork item, add gold, experience points, and time, and you end up with a magic item. The item creation might involve binding spirits, it might involve empowering the item with planar energy, it could simply enhance the nature of the weapon to make it better at […]

Divine Channelling

All clerics in a RAW game can either Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead. This doesn’t seem right to me because it seems to me that not all settings or religions would put enough emphasis on undead to make it relevant. Also, I don’t really like the way turning works — it either doesn’t work at […]

Focus and Specialization

A focus and specialization feat tree is used to make a character better at two aspects of a particular ability. These improved abilities apply to a subset of items the character is proficient with, such as a particular type of armor, a particular type of weapon, or a particular school of magic. Feat trees of […]

Mobility Feats

Mobility feats make it easier for a character to move around the battlefield.  Here are the core feats, and a few more.