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Ornamentation: The Payoff

Finally, time for the article whose idea prompted this entire series. This is much more detailed than the core “plus 1,200 gp worth of jewelry” entries in the treasure tables… but not particularly different. Wearable jewelry is typically fairly light, all things considered. ‘Heavy earrings’, according to a bit of research, might each weigh about the […]

Ornamentation: Jewelry, Crossing the Streams

I just realized something about my last two posts. If I take the ‘jewelry system’ from the previous post and I modify the exponential values table I see something interesting happen. What if gems scale by one rate and jewelry by another? Specifically, gem value is multiplied by five every six steps and jewelry by ten […]

Ornamentation: Jewelry and Its Cost

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about gems, including how to increase their value (or not) and alternate means of determining their value. Now it’s time to look at jewelry and other items made of precious metal. This will necessarily be greatly simplified; in the real world this is horribly complex. Let’s look at simple jewelry […]

Ornamentation: Polishing Gems by the Numbers

Back in June I wrote some ideas of new rules for gems. I started with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules for gems, which provide standard values and some variation. I wanted a little more detail, though, so I drafted a table that separated ‘size’ and ‘quality’ so they could each be rolled with weighted frequencies (that is, ‘medium’ […]

Ornamentation: Polishing Gems… and Cutting Them

My last post refined the generation of random gems, introducing variance to the size and quality of the stones. One of the first comments I got regarding the post suggested ‘uncut’ as one of the low-quality entries. I hadn’t previously considered gem cutting because I was focusing on the end result, but I do have some […]

Ornamentation: Polishing Gems

Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan Press (I like Raging Swan products) wrote a post last week about Gygax On… Treasure, speaking mostly of how most treasures are likely to consist of a collection of varied but valuable items, rather than a simple chest full of coin or pouch of gems. Coins and gems will probably be involved, as […]

Halfling Pantheon, the Crunchy Bits

The halfling pantheon is rather kinder than the Goblin Pantheon, but not as well-rounded as the Elemental Tetratheon. There is a strong focus on community, and the Death, Evil, Fire, and Magic domains are all absent. Creating the Halfling Pantheon The polyhedral pantheon process can be summarized quite simply. Choose a polyhedron. Assign a domain […]

Jhesiri God: Natlot, Battlesinger, Lethal Dancer

Natlot is an anomaly among the jhesiri deities. Most jhesiri deities are savage and undiscerning, but Natlot is pragmatic and efficient in combat. His followers are the same, carefully choosing their enemies for the benefit to be gained in killing them and then doing so in as efficient a manner as possible. This is not the same […]

Jhesiri God: Hadang Samptar, Razing Hunter, Wandering Ravager

Of all the jhesiri gods, the aspects of Ramdzasha, Hadang Samptar epitomizes his worshipers. Alone of the the jhesiri gods he actually is worshiped by his followers because his demands align so well with their nature. Hadang Samptar Razing Hunter, Wandering Ravager Alignment chaotic evil Portfolios Rampage, senseless destruction, pillage and razing Domains Travel, Destruction, Evil, Fire, […]

Jhesiri God: Ramdzasha, The Five-Headed, Feeds on Devastation

Not all that surprisingly, the ‘Crunchy Bits‘ are the simple part. Fleshing them out and providing more detail takes longer but I think provides more grist for application in play. The initial work on the pantheon took about an hour. The initial detail of each god takes me about an hour more, not counting finding […]