KJD-IMC: Polyhedral Pantheons

Polyhedral Pantheon Design top

Polyhedral Pantheon Design top

Several years ago I wrote an article on Polyhedral Pantheon Design.  This article predates this blog, so when I imported it from the original site to this one it has basically languished, unread, back in the depths of history. This weekend I updated it and expanded on it.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

All in all I’m pleased with this series so far.  There are still a few posts to come.

In fact, I’m working on Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons, collecting material from the above posts.

Polyhedral Pantheons Cover

Polyhedral Pantheons Cover

I’m also adding some more articles here as I round out the content of the book.

There are even a couple of posts at Sycarion Diversions, where John Payne has developed a small pantheon using the Polyhedral Pantheons methods.

I’ve been getting a lot of favorable feedback from people in conversation. I aim to have the book out within a couple of weeks, but I think I’ll put up a package with the worksheets sometime this weekend.

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