Z-A Index, 2018

As usual, here is my ‘Z-A Index’ roundup of my blog challenge.

I feel like I’ve done better in previous years. This time around I was late many of the days, and I did not actually reach the target (by subject completion, not word count) I was aiming for. The word count being lower than normal (I’ve done more than 30,000 words in one of these challenges) was somewhat deliberate, I’m trying to write more succinctly, even if it means not going into full detail. However, some individual post word counts are very low for me (80 words? I basically phoned that one in… and might have literally, I have PMs longer than that sometimes), and I basically gave up being on time from Thursday until the weekend. This could easily have been avoided, of course, had I actually prepared for the challenge and buffered posts.

All that aside, overall I’m pretty happy with the quality of the content. I didn’t actually finish the quickstart adventure I’d aimed to, but I did get far enough along with the groundwork for the adventure to satisfy me for now. Even with the high-level description I have right now I can turn up material for a dozen little adventures or side treks, which is a great place to be if running a sandbox (or in this case, I suppose, a mudpit). If nothing else, I’ve also done quite a bit of groundwork for this section of Node-Based Adventure Design (work in progress).

Total 17,607
Date Letter Words Title
2018-04-30 Z Z-A Index, 2018
2018-04-29 Y 302 Yahoo! Discovered How to do Echelon Rolls in Roll20!
2018-04-28 X 494 Extending NPC Utility, Expanding Scope
2018-04-27 W 80  Wayyyy Back: Teratic Monsters, and the Quickstart Adventure
2018-04-25 V 186 Voronoi… Voronoice Random Maps
2018-04-24 U 553 Unwanted Effects: Dark & Dangerous Checks in Low Fantasy Gaming
2018-04-23 T 916 Terra Mystica: What a Brainburner!
2018-04-22 S 1,077 Season Finale: Khundrukar Cleansed!
2018-04-21 R 893 Religion in the Quickstart
2018-04-19 Q 1,226 Quickstart Character Lineup
2018-04-18 P 691 Plotting Adventures in a Node-Based Campaign
2018-04-18 O 809 One Thing Leads to Another
2018-04-17 N 488 Nodes Within Nodes
2018-04-16 N 279 Names, And Why I’m Not Using Them
2018-04-15 M 453 Microscope and Setting Design
2018-04-15 M 253 Midpoint Check-In 2018
2018-04-15 L 746 Links Between Adventure Nodes
2018-04-12 K 416 Keeping it Real… Or Not
2018-04-11 J 1,016 Jade Daggers and Copper Serpents
2018-04-10 I 1,242 Inventing a New Type of Random Table
2018-04-09 H 1,008 Horrible Place to Live
2018-04-08 G 695 Generating New Adventure Nodes
2018-04-06 F 702 Find… Filching… Finching? Getting Better Tools
2018-04-05 E 295 Expectations and Assumptions
2018-04-04 D 497 Drawing Board, I am Returning to It
2018-04-03 C 525 Challenge and Response
2018-04-03 C 640 Creating Adventure Nodes
2018-04-02 B 330 Basic Adventure Structure
2018-04-01 A 210 Adventure Design, From the Top



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